It seemed that leaving the wintery single didget temperatures and rain behind in Christchurch to welcome the high 30’s would make training even better because hot weather makes everything easier, right? This was not the case! 

As soon as altitude training  (more like suffering from the lack of oxygen) is added to those 40 plus degree-days, it does not make riding the bike the easiest of tasks. Luckily I had Jo show me some pretty awesome rides. I soon discovered that Colorado Springs isn’t at all flat… 


 Image      Two days in and I found myself training with Sarah Hammer.

Image An 11km climb up Crystal Mountain, 2500m high!



Us Kiwis needed to be near water, so the first purchase from Target was a $30 inflatable pool plus a $3 Turtle to accompany the back yard.


The first test came on Saturday where there was a fast paced bunch ride/race around the outskirts of Colorado Springs. Going into this ride, I was not expecting to even hold on to the bunch but as the sprint came up I found myself taking 4th place behind some men. The next day was an even harder bunch race around the hills of the air force base. This had me struggling for oxygen and the reality of the altitude kicked in, it was not easy.  I was still happy with my efforts as I had only been at altitude for 5 days, and I was starting to see some improvements.


Day trip to Denver, Water World! 


Image  First Cactus plant I have ever seen, which seemed to be in the middle of nowhere!



 Exploring in the mountains!

Today, I climbed the Manitou Incline hike with the Cole Family, definitely an experience I will never forget. 1mile straight up a never ending steep staircase and then 4 miles down the mountain through switchbacks.




So all in all, I have been loving Colorado Springs and the riding here is nothing I have ever trained in before!  I definitely love America!


In the next few weeks…

I fly to Vancouver, Canada on the 3rd July for a week of action packed racing in BC Super week from the 5th to 11th. This will be my first international experience racing in the pro women’s category. I know it wont be easy racing, that’s for sure!


The races that are included are:

– Tour De Delta (5th-7th) three timed events including, two criteriums and a road race to finish.

-UBC grand prix on the 9th.

-Global Relay Gastown Grand Prix on the 10th

-Giro di Burnaby on the 11th, a 1.3km fast loop around the streets.


After BC Super week, I will travel to Bend, Oregon where I will race The Cascade Classic Tour. As of yesterday, I found out that I will be riding for Colavita/Fine Cooking Women’s Pro Cycling team! This is an amazing opportunity for me and I am so excited to be on their team as a guest rider for this tour!


After Cascade, I will fly back to Colorado Springs for a week before heading back to Canada to race the Grand Prix cycliste de Rimouski on the 31st July, which is a UCI 1.1 sanctioned event for junior women. The Tour de la Relieve starts the following day and is based in Rimouski as well. This tour is a junior U19 tour that attracts teams from all over the world.  It is a chance to race other international U19 women, which will mean hard and fast racing!  I will be riding for an U19 Canada based team for both events.


Thats all for now, I will keep you all updated on my journey!Image